Cobra Lily speaks…

Hi!  I’m Cobra Lily, a Southwest Oregon review of literature and art. I don’t have an issue for you to read just yet, but maybe you can help remedy that. Read on…


We are now accepting submissions for our first-ever issue. We’re open to poetry, prose, and art of all types and we prefer email submissions. Deadline is June 1, 2014. [Go here for full submission guidelines.] Since we’re just announcing ourselves and nobody knows us, no one has asked us any questions; you can read on for more information in our FuAQ…

FuAQ – Frequently un-Asked Questions

1. Another literary magazine? Really?

Really. But this one’s different. For example, we do not strive to “publish only the best fiction and poetry.” We find such journals somewhat generic. But we like our region. And the people, places, and plants here (among other things). And so Cobra Lily celebrates this.

2. What do you mean “Southwest Oregon”?

Look at a map of Oregon. In the lower left hand corner, you’ll find counties like Curry and Coos, Josephine and Jackson, Douglas and Klamath (sorry they don’t start with the same letter). Sorry, but Lake is South, but perhaps not nearly so West. That said, we appreciate anyone who self-identifies as a Southwest Oregonian.

3. So this is just about a place?

Nah. Well, sort of. But we’re seeking that certain missing feeling, that intimate understanding that you simply don’t get in a geographic description. If you know the area, why not consider contributing and helping shape for a new generation of Cobra Lily readers what is meant by “Southwest Oregon.” Otherwise, we encourage you to come back and read new issues as we have them.


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