Holiday Book Reading & Sales event

HOLIDAY_BOOK_POSTER_smNext Wednesday, December 3, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the words of a few of our contributors, as well as our two co-editors. At the 1st annual Illinois Valley Local Authors Holiday Book Reading, Kindi Fahrnkopf (issue 1) will be on hand to read and/or discuss her book Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon. Also, Buckwheat Bob Harrison (issue 1) will be represented when his friend Mara reads from his book, Hippie Tales of the Northwest Woods. She’ll also have autographed copies for sale. Co-editor Michael Spring will share his poetry, while the other co-editor Ryan Forsythe will present his latest book, Goldilocks and the Three BARs (Beyond Available Resources), which is a collaboration with his son Rory.

You can also meet and hear from other Illinois Valley authors (who hopefully will appear in a future Cobra Lily!): K. R. Hulsey, author of the fantasy novel Demona; Deb Murphy, co-creator of the Creative Creatures series of educational activity books; Justin Rohde, author of the hiking guide Hiking Oregon and California’s Wild River Country; and Kelpie Wilson, author of the novel Primal Tears.

There’s a Facebook page for the event–please invite your friends!