Issue #2

Dave Dunbar is a graduate of West Virginia University at Parkersburg and currently resides in Prospect, Oregon.  His poetry has appeared on or in The Seismic Thread:A Northwest Storytelling Project; UW Baraboo/Sauk County’s Spirit Lake Review; UW Barron County’s The Red Cedar Review, and West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s Gambit.  He has also self-published free form books of multiple genres including his favorite, the science fiction comedy Station 24 and Revenge of the Space Smelt!!! 2nd Edition.

Kay Elaine Ekwall lives in O’Brien, having moved from northern California in 2003 and immediately felt like she was ‘home’. She didn’t know that some ancestors had lived here before they became Californians; her great uncle having been a representative for the state of Oregon. Kay’s poetry site is ‘Poemotions” and she has many photograph websites, the newest being Rough and Ready She loves being able to walk out the door, or drive close by and get shots of nature and critters so easily. She was first published when she was in college in 1963, and has since been published in online sites, in newspapers and more.

Susanne Kindi Fahrnkopf (far-en-kof) was born in Germany and grew up in Southern California. A hippie, flower child of the 60’s, Kindi moved to Cave Junction in 1979 with her husband Jim and two little children to open the Cave’s Cobbler shoe repair and Birkenstock shop. Since then she has raised four children at her home in Takilma and works as a Bookkeeper. Kindi has been published in seven Poetry anthologies. Her book, Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon, is a vivid and informative history of the little-known community of Takilma. Learn more at

Dallion McGregor is a writer, artist, and cartoonist living in southwest Oregon. He’s currently working on his first graphic novel while attempting to buoy his heart lest it be thrown to crocodiles. More of his work can be seen at

Rich Norman is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mind Magazine ( and The Journal of Unconscious Psychology and Self-Psychoanalysis. A writer, newspaper columnist, and musician with degrees in philosophy and music, he is the author of books and scientific papers spanning philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, verse and fiction, as well as a contributor to the Ultranet, and the Prometheus Society journal, Gift of Fire.

Originally from Boston, Anita Savio has lived in many parts of the U.S., and in Mexico and Canada as well. She writes, “Although four photos and accompanying poems of mine appear in this issue, I consider myself to be, at best, an amateur photographer, and a poet only when great need arises. I have also worked as a reporter and freelance journalist. Among my current and creative endeavors is my lively blog on thoughtful nonfiction: I invite you to pay photos, poems and blog a visit!”

Kelly Waldin resides in Westside Takilma with her partner Waves. “It is your mind that creates this world.”

David Lorenz Winston is an award winning photographer, internationally recognized for his nature photography. His crisp winter landscapes and stunning images of trees enhance art and photography collections around the world. More than 300,000 posters have been published of his image “Solitude,” an image of a zigzag fence and tree taken after a fresh coat of snow near Philadelphia. David publishes The Winston Eye, a weekly photoletter featuring his latest work. Learn more at

Summer Wolf lives in southern Oregon with her husband and 4 children, including Isaac Wolf and Juliette Wolf. She is a full time mom with a career in the health industry that keeps her busy but allows her to work from home. On the rare occasion she finds a moment to herself, she might write something of her experience or observation with some hope of sparking a flame in someone, while reminding herself of her own fire.