Thunder Warning

 Kindi Fahrnkopf

Thunder erupts from a malevolent sky
A grey day’s blanket of heavy smoke crumbles
Boils up with charcoal, mauve, yellowish mushroom clouds
Thunder heads grumbling, tumbling on the mountain top
Then boom, crash, crack of dry lightening jolting down
On the painfully dry land, already ravaged by so many huge fires
Consuming all life
Red Flag warning goes up in declaration of emergency conditions
People beware-it is too late now if you haven’t prepared
Things are coming too fast now; accelerating destruction.
The weather means to punish man-whether or not we try to stop it
Mother Nature is raging mad
For all the abuse she suffers
For our Earth; which would not exist without the lifeblood water
Is being polluted beyond the point of return
We have passed the tipping point.
And now only a miracle could serve to anoint us with the balm of
Fresh water in a land of dying refugees.
With the cries of children echoing the land,
How can mankind hold his head high?
Do we even know yet, what has happened?
We are entering a time of the Third World War.
A global war just as Nostradamus predicted over four hundred years ago.
The USA blindly marches into battle, behind a curtain of deception
As the leaders of the world create and sell weapons of mass destruction
They seem to allow the evil among us to control the destiny of mankind,
whilst reassuring us all that they have our best interests at heart.
I can hear the thunder warnings in the sky.




Also by Kindi Fahrnkopf