Kindi Fahrnkopf

I am finally feeling you; rain
Spattering on my roof, falling urgently
Kissing the ground with passionate pain
From a long-sought union of earth and sky
We waited so long for your arrival
On parched ground, crackling underbrush
We walked in confusion of understanding why
The drought had taken the lush, green from us
The lakes had fallen into murky, algae pits
Strangling life, coughing up dust in fits of fear
We know we are water babies
We cannot live without you, even shed a tear
We are just sad children, waiting to be healed
I am finally feeling you
Moon over river as yellow lights up my upstairs room
The super-bright rays infusing me with feelings
Upwellings, in my deepest core
Colliding with lucid dreams
Putting me under water
Did I float on you once?
Did I roll over your waves in a reed sailboat?
Once upon an ancient ocean current, singing
A song of love for the sun
Always guiding me
I feel your undulating swells rocking me to sleep
Mother Ocean, I feel as though you are washing over me
Your fierceness fizzling into the foam
Rising into the spray and meeting the misty, rain clouds
I am finally feeling you; rain.





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