Thank you for your interest in Cobra Lily!

We publish an annual print edition. Send us your fiction, poetry, memoir, essays, regional history, interviews with interesting locals, photography, paintings, and more (i.e. don’t feel you need to limit yourself to these genre categories/suggestions). But work should focus on the nature and culture of Southwest Oregon. Or at least be the work of people who live in and love our region.

Submissions are open each year from January through May. So our submission window for Volume Seven is as follows: 
   1 January, 2020 – 31 May 2021

Work can be emailed to us at cobralilyreview (a) We strongly prefer work be emailed; however, if you must submit a hard copy, please contact us at this email for an up-to-date mailing address and remember to include  a SASE with sufficient postage if you’d like your work returned (or let us know if you don’t want it back).

We will consider previously published material, but please notify where/when it was published previously and make sure you have the rights to republish.

Also, please note that we are a journal focused on the culture and nature of Southwest Oregon, so in your email/letter, we’d appreciate if you could share the connection to the region of your work and/or yourself.  (Even if your work was just formed while passing through the area, we’d still love to see it.)

At this point (and possibly for every point going forward), we are unable to pay for work. Please don’t take this as a commentary on the value of your work. However, we do hope to pay 1 print copy for each contributor.

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged (you have to get your stuff out there), but please let us know immediately if someone else accepts your work and you need to withdraw the work (and then accept our congratulations).



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