Spring Equinox

Issue #4

Our 4th issue of Cobra Lily kicks off with a plethora of great poems by Sara Backer: “I Like Coffee,” “Redwood Vision,” “Weeder Geese,” “Four Senryu for the Beaver,” and “The Rabbit.” Please enjoy responsibly.

Up next is Alan Laurie‘s “Electric Mandala.” If this strikes you as somewhat familiar, that may be because another of Alan’s mandalas graced our 3rd issue.

If you read “If . . . (Doghouse),” then we’ll leave it to you to decide if Scott Simpson is comparing his wife to his dog.

Our featured artist this issue is Deborah Ann Dawson who shares her beautiful nature watercolors. Click the images to enjoy a slideshow of seven images (including one of our favorite topics–the cobra lily!)

Here at Cobra Lily, we are proud to present the work of talented young artists and writers in each issue. Here we present Kathryn Velho‘s short horror story “Anabel,” written when she was 15.

We conclude with 2 more youngsters, brothers Kailen and Rory Forsythe-Elder, who share their art and poetry, respectively. “Taped Pumpkin” by Kailen (age 5) hints at the joy in the unusual, while “Wolves” by Rory (age 10) offers a more striking tone.

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