Summer Solstice

Issue #1

Gary Lark kicks off Cobra Lily by exploring the terrains of our region in his poems “Snake Road,” “Lost,” and “The Advice is Free.”

In his poems “The Commerce of the Mountain” and “In an Aspen Grove,” Pepper Trail shows us the birds and the trees (respectively).

Melissa Matthewson takes us to “A Country Wedding.” Her short essay illuminates the experience of a rural celebration.

Patty Wixon’s poem “Early April” features several area stops on a recent car trip, including Stout Grove, Eight Dollar Mountain, and Gold Beach.

Speaking of Gold Beach, Scott T. Starbuck enjoyed fishing the Rogue River near Gold Beach last year. His poem “Earth Like the Deck of a Ship” is based on a trip from there to nearby Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Also based on a trip is ‘Buckwheat Bob’ Harrison‘s “The Freeze.” Bob lived in Takilma for 5 years in the early 1970’s; this excerpt is from his forthcoming book Hippie Tales of the Northwest Woods (Hillcrest).

Heading back to the coast, John Noland explores the magic of the beach in his prose poems “Earth Music” and “Sea Riddles and Doorways.”

Our featured artist this issue is Rhonda Lynn. She presents her fiber artistry and what inspires her craft.

Finally, Cobra Lily‘s first Lily shares insight into the thoughts of one Southwest Oregon teen. Lilyana Rain wrote “Wonder” last year when she was 13 years old.


For more information about our Contributors, click here.



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