Fiber Arts

Rhonda Lynn

IMG_0861 WisdomTree IMG_1610


I discovered fiber art and felting about 4 years ago. I fell in love with the sustainability and versatility of the renewable resource that is wool, and continue to be amazed by all the wonderful things I can create with it.

The natural beauty of Southern Oregon inspires each piece I make and is a reflection of the respect and care I wish to bring to the land through this amazing medium. I am constantly amazed by the depth and texture of the finished pieces and also by the unlimited creative possibilities and sustainability that the medium provides. I am able to create a wide array of textures, colors, movement, feeling and function while using what nature has already provided.

2-11 177 IMG_200015 s IMG_0822 IMG_0865


When combining recycled and repurposed fabrics with wool, I am able to direct the flow of surface design and textures through the choices of fabric densities and colors. Textiles provide a unique vehicle of interpretation with their tactile nature, vibrant color and endless variety. Instead of paint, I select fabrics to get the desired effect. The happy accidents of working in this medium give results that can be challenging and pleasingly unpredictable. Materials, techniques and themes are a starting point for each piece and the flexibility of the process allows me to change direction and intention as the piece evolves, takes shape and “becomes.”

Time and creation have become the leading edge ideas in how I not only approach my art, but how I approach life as well. As I apply these ideas to my artistic endeavors it has helped me to see that every part of my life is a creation in which I must allow room for attention to take root. This has made me not only a better fiber artist but a better creator and artist of my life.

felt flowers IMG_0066 IMG_0155 1 IMG_0260


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