Issue #3

Savanna G. S. writes, “I am 12 years old and live in the Rogue Valley. I really love to draw and write books and stories. I want to be an author and artist when I grow up. I also like to write poems for many occasions.”

Angela Graves moved to Southern Oregon from Oklahoma 11 years ago. She has managed Bagel Junction for the last 3 years. She notes, “I have been writing since middle school and need to do more of it.” She enjoys hiking with her husband and three kids.

Susan Gustafson has lived in Cave Junction since 1978. She works at The Dome School and also makes flower remedies for people and animals which assist with emotional healing and personal growth. She and Craig have long since figured out what makes them happy.

Alan Laurie has been an artist all his life. He can recall at age 3 finding joy with a red crayon, ruler and some sort of paper while drawing what he knew was a large letter “L”, and then, satisfied, running back outdoors to play. He graduated Lousiana State University with a degree in fine arts. Other experiences include festival poster artist, television courtroom artist, and political campaign graphic designer. He has lived in Takilma for 13 years and his graphic art skills are behind many a familiar local logo. His “Cubist Cub” is on permanent display in front of the Grants Pass Art Museum on G Street. Alan is Co-Editor/Publisher of “Takilma Common Ground.”

David Newell lives in O’Brien, Oregon. He is a wood carver and artist who spends his extra time playing banjo for his marionette gnomes and fairies, and throwing spears with an atlatl. Oh, yeah, he makes the banjos, marionettes, and atlatls. His first full collection of poems, The Poem Said, is set to appear in 2015.

Annette McGee Rasch is a freelance writer who lives in the Illinois Valley. Raised by naturalists and animal lovers, Rasch is also a dog trainer and wildlife rehabilitator who possesses vast experience with multiple species. She also spent decades working as an environmental activist and is a perennial student of the sciences. Her writing reflects her love for and knowledge of the natural world.

Michael Spring is the author of three poetry books and five chapbooks, His most recent book, Root of Lightning, was awarded an honorable mention for the Eric Hoffer Book Award, and his chapbook, Blue Wolf, won the 2013 Turtle Island Poetry Award. He lives in O’Brien, OR. He is a natural builder, a martial art instructor and a poetry editor for three publications: The Pedestal Magazine, Mind Magazine, and Cobra Lily.