R.I.P. Blaze

Angela Graves

Life has taught me many lessons, many I did not want to know.
Like how to love unconditionally, and how to let it go.
Passions slowly fading, hearts must drift apart.
What I’d give to feel that fire exploding like the start.
Your kiss stunned me with poison, like a widows dance with death.
She cried “I’ll never stop loving you” as she watched his dying breath.
Her heart, it keeps on mourning, a wound that never heals.
Watching a part of you die, no one should know how that feels.
Tears flow freely, a river with twists and turns.
I loved him with a passion, a fire which embers still burn.
A numb and fading soul, exists with only a breath.
I may not make it longer dear, for soon I’ll join you in death.
My days just aren’t the same dear,
I long to feel your touch.
I thought it may be easier if I just took a little too much.
My heart, slowly fading as I  picture your beautiful face.
Not too much longer dear and I’ll be in your embrace.


Dedicated to Blaze Broberg’s friends and family