Winter Solstice

Issue #3

In honor of the solstice, our first Winter issue (#3!) kicks off with Alan Laurie‘s beautiful and intriguing multi-pointed Winter Solstice Mandala.

Some places just fit and some just don’t. Susan Gustafson muses on both in her reminiscence of “The Date to Hell…and Back Again

Next, we feature a selection of poem’s from David Newell‘s forthcoming collection, The Poem Said:  “Eyes Slide Off of Me,” “The Poem Said,” “My Life,” “I Gotta Go to the Ocean,” and “The Poem Said.” (And yes, that is more than one “The Poem Said” but not as many as you’ll find in The Poem Said.)

The solstice is the night with the fewest hours of daylight. On the day Blaze Broberg died in 2013, Angela Graves wrote “R.I.P Blaze” about a very dark moment in her life. She dedicates this to Blaze’s family.

Annette McGee Rasch waxes eloquent on animals both small and big. First, in “Of Women and Mice,” she reminisces about past relationships (with the rodent order). Then, “Big Brothers for Cows” outlines her plan for a new world order. With cows.

Next up in this issue of Cobra Lily is, well, “Cobra Lily,” editor Michael Spring‘s poem about the carnivorous pitcher plant from which our review takes its name (yup, from the plant and from the poem).

Last but not least, we welcome 12-year old Savanna to the Cobra Lily team. She shares her poem “Teardrops from the Clouds.”

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